Saturday, 10 December 2011

Black Mirrors

I'm delighted to announce that my collection of short stories BLACK MIRRORS has been accepted by RAINFALL BOOKS. Huge thanks to John B. Ford and Steve Lines for taking it! It's a short collection (around 30k words), but I'm really proud of these stories. I'm also hugely honoured and privileged to be part of Rainfall.

The contents is:
1. Black Mirror, Mirror Black (previously published in Black Petals)
2. Relinquished (previously published in Dark Valentine)
3. Bleeder (previously published in The Horror Zine)
4. End of the Line (previously published in Serial Killers anthology)
5. Seven Years (previously published in Estronomicon)
6. Speak No Evil (previously unpublished)
7. Offerings (previously published in Estronomicon)
8. The Foundling (previously unpublished)
9. Mute (previously published in Something Dark in the Doorway anthology)
10. The Sea & The Statues (previously published in Peeping Tom)
11. Irrecoverable (previously published in Best Left Buried anthology)
12. At the Centre of Everything (previously unpublished)
13. Nightmare (previously published in Estronomicon)
14. Bequeathed (previously published in Midnight Street)

John B. Ford is kindly supplying an introduction, and the book is scheduled to be launched at a Terror Scribes event in Bristol in May 2012. More details as and when I get it.

I'm extremely excited by this news! Check out the Rainfall website here:

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