Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Current Projects

I'm currently going through a bit of a creative patch! I've got four 'horror' projects in various states of completion:

I Draw From Thee - a short story (around 5K words). Very similar in style and tone to the stuff I sent Steve Upham at Screaming Dreams. It's written, just needs editing/proof-reading.

The Sick Crown - novella (around 25K words). Attempted to write novellas before, but never finished 'em. This one I have! I think I like it... Currently sitting in a draw waiting for me to come back to it at a later date so I can give it one last look over. Also will need editing/proof-reading.

Touched - short story (currently written over 2K words). Only started this today, but am writing it like the clappers. Lots of strong imagery/ideas in my head. Based on an incident that happened to me today at work.

House of Mourning - novella (currently only 2K words into it). Expansion of an old short story.

Have also written a sample chapter for an idea generated by Hot House Publishing. The book is called 'The Shadowing'. If I get the gig, I'll have to write 50K words. Scary!!

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