Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A second collection?

Writing lots at the moment, though it's mainly editing the novella and a couple of short stories. I'm starting to put down (similarly themed) stories for a possible second collection with the working title 'Dark Playgrounds'. Not too sure about that particular title - the word 'dark' is overused and kind of cliched in the world of horror fiction, but it will do for now until another (better one) comes along!

5 stories written so far, but they all need a fair bit of editing. Currently editing The Sick Crown. Still not sure if it completely works, though there are passages I really, really like. The first third is (at present time) easily the strongest. The middle section needs some work. House of Mourning is now written and currently in first draft form.

Short stories? Well, 'I Draw From Thee' is now called 'Aylia'. I've got 'Touched' and 'Seven Years'. All of them touch upon childhood traumas/broken hearts/troubled relationships. These tales are certainly longer, heavier, darker than anything I've done before. I've got another title (and vague idea) for a new short story, tentatively called Fragments (of you).

Hopefully in the New Year these bits and bobs will be close to completion. I may even send 1 or 2 out to publishers, to see what kind of response they get. Can't tell you which ones I like best/which ones I think work - I'm too close to them... Need to get others to read them, I think...

I've also got a strong idea for a novel. It will be called Goathead. Imagine The Wicker Man crossed with The Devil Rides Out. At its heart, a twisted love story (of course!). I've started making notes. Hopefully it will be a culmination of everything that I've written so far. (I'm far too ahead of myself!)

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