Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Walking Dead

I was looking forward to The Walking Dead on TV, but have to say I was left somewhat disappointed and underwhelmed by the first episode. Perhaps it's not really that surprising, seeing as I wasn't particularly blown away by the comic books (give me Hellblazer or Preacher any day of the week), but there was nothing here I could get excited about. I know it was gory (constant, verging on the boring, scenes of zombies getting shot in the head), and children get killed and stuff, but it still felt unoriginal (the beginning - 28 Days Later, anyone?) It's less horror, more a soap opera with zombies in; something your mum would quite happily watch and enjoy. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, after all it is only the first episode, but I wish they'd spent the money on a horror series that was more interesting and original...

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