Saturday, 4 December 2010

Relinquished in Dark Valentine

"Give in.
A voice.
Cold and commanding.
The mirror. A bone-white face, shivering in the dark. Eyes wide, staring, crazed.
Give in to me."

My new story 'Relinquished' has been published in the winter edition of Dark Valentine magazine. You can download it here:
The cool illustation is by Amanda Clegg - love it!!!


Katherine Tomlinson said...

Hi Paul--
It is an awesome sotry and Amanda's illlustration really set it off. Thanks for being a part of Dark Valentine's Winter issue--we hope you'll be back soon.

Paul Edwards said...

Thanks so much Katherine! So glad you liked the story, and I'm really honoured to have been published in Dark Valentine - it's a great magazine! Looking forward to reading the rest of the winter edition over the next couple of days.

Paul Edwards said...

And you're right about Amanda's picture - it's excellent. Really, really pleased with it.